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Organize a race or event

If you wish to organize a race and achieve great publicity among Rotarians, their families, and friends, fill out the form.

Fill out the form as the organizing club or entity.

If you're 'alone,' organize your own virtual race or event and also fill out the form.

Rotary Polio Race will provide you with a 'code' to track registrations for your virtual or in-person event.

Spread the event in your area and through Social Media.

Recruit at least 20 participants among members, friends, family, neighbors, etc., who can register and make a donation.

Take pictures and photos of your race or event and send them to us for dissemination.

RPR will deliver 100% of the donations to The Rotary Foundation on behalf of the Rotary Club or entity that recruited the participants, deducting banking expenses.

Organize your race, IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL, for the eradication of Polio worldwide.